Between the Worlds – As the Spirit Prepares to Leave the Body

Recently I was away spending some time on the land when I saw the spirit of a hen leave its body.

Many questions came up for me over the next two days after having watched the body of the hen die.

This prompted me to write a blog and answer some of the questions I am asked from clients who have had a mediumship session with me.

One common question is, do our loved ones enter the other world alone?

When communicating with loved ones in the other world through sessions, I can often see who meets those who transition from earth to the spirit realms. Because of this, I know no one enters the other world alone.

Our loved ones in the spirit world often gather around prior to our friends or family passing to the other world. Some of you may have spent time with family members when they have been sick, knowing their time on earth is coming to an end. You may have heard them talking to family members in spirt and thought it was unusual but it isn’t. Those preparing to transition to the spirit world often slip between the worlds before their passing, this can be very common.

Something else that comes to mind that I am often asked is, do they still suffer from the same aliments they had on earth?

I have had many conversations with family members in spirit and my understanding to this question is no. Those in the spirit world are free of the physical body and they are free of pain.

Getting back to being on the land and seeing the spirit of the hen leave its body. This raised numerous questions for me to contemplate. I wasn’t with the hen 24/7 after this encounter so I wasn’t sure if the spirit had re- entered the body over these two days it took for the body of the hen to die, or if the spirit was outside the body.

What I do understand is that we are connected to a silver thread and know that the spirit can slip outside the body and re-enter the body until it dies. I have also seen this when I have read for clients who have lost a loved one who has spent time in a coma, they have still been able to hear conversations from family members even if they haven’t been able to answer.

Until the body dies this silver thread is connected, as the body dies the cord disconnects from the body and the spirit lives on.

Often if there has been an accident as the cause of a passing, I am asked do our loved ones feel the impact or pain that occurred from this accident?

What I understand is the spirit can leave the body simultaneously so if you understand the spirit to be outside the body when the accident occurs, I would say no to this question.

Love never dies and our loved ones are as you know always in our hearts. I know it’s never easy losing a loved one but they are always trying to let you know they are with you.

Stay open to the miracles in life and I wish you all the experience of knowing your loved ones are only a thought away.

Love is the eternal bond that connects us to those you love.


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