Human Existence – do you ever ponder this?

What is life all about?

Why do we come to earth?

I am sure just like me you all have pondered these question at one point or time in life.

Most of us know there is more to life than we could possibly ever conceive.

As humans walking on the earth, we seem to think we know everything about life but that’s not true. There is so much we know nothing about, many of us will spend hours studying different topics and then some, only to discover there is more.

There was a time in my life as a working Medium that I thought I knew so much about the work I do until one day I woke up realising my world was very small. Since that day I have travelled the world and there is still so much of the world I haven’t seen or understand. There are many subjects that I know nothing about and so much more to discover about this world, the spirit world, the planet, the stars, the moon, the meaning of life, human behaviour and why we come to earth.

I am sure there is a purpose for coming to earth but that’s a very big subject and different for everyone, we all see the world through different eyes or a different lens. For me, coming to earth has been very much about learning that kindness matters and to serve from a place of humility and unconditional love, this is one of the greatest understandings my soul has taught me about the purpose of being on the earth.

At the end of our existence the foot print you leave on the earth or in the hearts of others will make a difference to their lives and to the planet.

My hope is those of you reading this will open your minds to ponder why we come to earth and what is life all about, my hope is also that you know that you can make a difference no matter how big or small.

Everything comes and goes in our lives, we all experience loss, we all experience heart aches, we all purchase items and discard them after they serve us no longer, then the day will come when it is time for the body to die and the spirit to go home.

Enjoy your time on earth, we talk about living like there is no tomorrow but not too many of us do, we manage to get bogged down with the day to day dramas that consume so much of our earthly existence. Try not getting so involved with the human stuff and see your life playing out as if you are watching it. See if you can stand back from what is consuming your every waking moment and know life has a lot to offer, if we can only get out of our heads our own way and all the drama, we could achieve so much more with our time on earth.

One thing is for sure we all leave the earth, so at the end of our time know you make a difference and your time here matters.

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Peace my friends.

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