What Is Revealed In Sitting In The Stillness

Many, many realizations, will come to light.

Thoughts will arise, you will see how you create stories and you will be aware of watching scenarios play out, you will often be in the past, or the future.

Often in the stillness you will become aware of the part you have played with others. You may not like seeing what plays out, many emotions will arise, just allow everything to rise and dissipate, no attachment to thought.

In the stillness allow thoughts to come and go, everything does. Try not to attach the mind to the thoughts or stories that arise.

There is a space between thoughts of no thought, reside there. Go deeper into this space, this space is ever present. We are so used to creating stories in the mind that we move away from this inner stillness.

Sitting in the stillness will break you as everything falls away, you may experience immense beauty beyond what the eyes see and mind thinks. Your heart will explode, you will get to experience a beauty, a love that words cannot describe. You will get to see in the stillness that love is greater than any pain you have experienced and this moment this beauty will break you. It will be the most joyous break, the most beautiful break you’ve ever known.

Disconnect from thought especially the unfriendly ones, the ones you feed yourself, why? because this is not your friend, why would you want to entertain it?. Move your attention to the space of no thoughts, check in often, this place is ever present, it never goes away, it is always there. You will find joy, find beauty, you will a find peace resides there.

You will know that love is bigger than anything and through the brokenness, you will experience wholeness.



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