Reconnecting to the Spirit Within

Spending time on the land will wake you up deep from within in the most beautiful way. You can experience being one with everything, stillness, silence and hear the musical notes play out in the wind.

Many memories flashed by me last night as the gusty winds and torrential rain lashed against the glass doors and windows that surround the house. It reminded me of growing up in NZ and how I had forgotten how generously the rain can fall here.

Yesterday I saw the spirit of one of the hens leave it’s body, knowing its passing would be just a matter of time. Today as I watched the body of the hen peacefully come to an end, my heart was touched deeply knowing the cycles of life are endless. The other day on the land I rescued a baby rabbit from the glass house, well it didn’t really need rescuing as it was in heaven in the lettuce salad bar created within the glass house.

As I look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back feeling totally raw and exposed, there’s a sense of peace. Feeling raw like the bark shredding from the tree, knowing the soul is unfolding and beauty resides deep within.

Many years ago I experienced a guide come close to me, she said her name was Tui. A few days ago I was blessed with the Tui bird sitting outside my bedroom window here on the land, perched in among the blossoms on the plum tree, such a treat.

Oh and I have been able to write while here on the land and book two is growing closer to completion.


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