Nurturing the soul: the land will take you home.

When on the land, my soul and I are one with life and beyond.

I get to feel and know I am part of everything and that feeling is the soul knowing home.
Like life, I am okay with diversity and experiencing lots of different situations.

I can merge and move through life, the city life and all of life. At the end of the day, the experience and beauty when on the land is one of pure exquisite utopia for me.

Lots of life experiences give you pleasure but the land will take you back to your soul.

Spending time on the land can take you away from the distractions of life itself.

Connecting with the land is a place where you can be taken deep within, move from the mind and merge with the soul.

You can sense your true essence beyond the mind and be part of the moon, the stars, the ocean and far beyond. Sensing a stillness that touches and awakens every fiber of your being.

The land will take you within and going within will reveal to you what you truly are, part of everything, what you sense is a beauty beyond what the mind knows.

When you feel awoken from within, energy is boundless and sleep seems irrelevant.


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