James Van Praagh on meeting Marilyn Whall

Perhaps it happens daily, or possibly only a few times within a lifetime, but there are moments when two separate lives come together, intertwine and seem to become one.  Perhaps, just maybe, if the two people involved are aware of the common energy they share, they’ll pause and begin to excavate deep down within their souls for a feeling or a memory from so long ago. Is it possible they had known each other in another time and place? They certainly both recognize the colors, the personalities and lightness of the other’s soul.  The one thing the sea of time can never destroy is this connection, this energy of love.

That was my experience meeting Marilyn Whall for the very first time at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, where I have sat as a faculty member for fourteen years.  Over those long years, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of students from every country on this planet, but none was unique like Marilyn. The first time I looked into her dreamlike eyes and heard her quick, down to earth wit, there was no mistaking that she and I had shared many lives, laughs and loves. So, why at this particular time did our souls find it necessary to bring us back together again?  What was the great mystical plan?

I am not much of a gambling man, but I would bet the reason why, is in Knowing – A Medium’s Journey….the book you should (if you have not already), read, devour and enjoy.  Marilyn sharing her story in Knowing, will give you the permission and keys you need to open the door to your very own soul-full search!  Go on….we have waited a long time for this very moment…NOW!

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