Human Existence – do you ever ponder this?

What is life all about?

Why do we come to earth?

I am sure just like me you all have pondered these question at one point or time in life.

Most of us know there is more to life than we could possibly ever conceive.

As humans walking on the earth, we seem to think we know everything about life but that’s not true. There is so much we know nothing about, many of us will spend hours studying different topics and then some, only to discover there is more.

There was a time in my life as a working Medium that I thought I knew so much about the work I do until one day I woke up realising my world was very small. Since that day I have travelled the world and there is still so much of the world I haven’t seen or understand. There are many subjects that I know nothing about and so much more to discover about this world, the spirit world, the planet, the stars, the moon, the meaning of life, human behaviour and why we come to earth.

I am sure there is a purpose for coming to earth but that’s a very big subject and different for everyone, we all see the world through different eyes or a different lens. For me, coming to earth has been very much about learning that kindness matters and to serve from a place of humility and unconditional love, this is one of the greatest understandings my soul has taught me about the purpose of being on the earth.

At the end of our existence the foot print you leave on the earth or in the hearts of others will make a difference to their lives and to the planet.

My hope is those of you reading this will open your minds to ponder why we come to earth and what is life all about, my hope is also that you know that you can make a difference no matter how big or small.

Everything comes and goes in our lives, we all experience loss, we all experience heart aches, we all purchase items and discard them after they serve us no longer, then the day will come when it is time for the body to die and the spirit to go home.

Enjoy your time on earth, we talk about living like there is no tomorrow but not too many of us do, we manage to get bogged down with the day to day dramas that consume so much of our earthly existence. Try not getting so involved with the human stuff and see your life playing out as if you are watching it. See if you can stand back from what is consuming your every waking moment and know life has a lot to offer, if we can only get out of our heads our own way and all the drama, we could achieve so much more with our time on earth.

One thing is for sure we all leave the earth, so at the end of our time know you make a difference and your time here matters.

Recently I wrote about the meaning of life

Peace my friends.

The broken heart, Through the darkness to the light

What is a broken heart and why do we have to feel it?

I am absolutely sure that no one is exempt from this experience. Maybe you have lost a loved one, a beloved pet, a dear friend or experienced a broken heart through a romantic connection. They say tears cleanse the soul and the more we cleanse the soul the more light will shine from us. I know it’s true that we have many lessons to learn while visiting earth. Some of these lessons we handle better than others. A lot of us will try many ways to avoid the emotions of a broken heart and not want to be with the pain of the loss or the waves of emotions that engulf our entire being. Some will try and dull the pain with alcohol or drugs. It’s not for me to judge the way anyone moves through this pain.

Whatever road you take there is always much to learn.

My journey and experience of a broken heart has often felt like I am in a thousand pieces; inconsolable, leaving me needing time to allow the tears to stream down my face for days. For me to know that an old part of me is cracking and falling away and that when we move through this experience our light will shine ever so bright is my saving grace. I also know that we grow and understand so much about life itself and others from what we experience. I know we try and run from what feels so unpleasant to go through. Being broken has taught me so much. To allow myself time to be with what is, time to heal, to give back to myself and see what the emotions are about, to see how hard I can be on myself and judge myself. Then there is the other side of this to learn about self-love, to know that I am love and so much more than the mind, the thoughts and this brokenness. When we can allow ourselves to experience the emotions of a broken heart and know it’s an opportunity to be vulnerable, we can get to the core of our being and see the beauty in the tears as well as the sadness and pain.

Sometimes when we break there’s not much else we can do other than cry, for me to go through this process and be broken is an opportunity to allow myself to be real, to be seen and to grow.

Blessings Marilyn.

Why are we scared of truth

Truth – It’s an interesting subject and I know that we all see things differently.

Truth takes courage.
Why are we so scared of truth?

Do we avoid truth because it can take us to a place where we truly get to see ourselves; and in that there is a side we are not comfortable with exposing or seeing?
Is it because it takes us to a vulnerable, broken place? A place of pain, a place we avoid because it hurts.
Truth takes courage – to be vulnerable, to break, to climb back up.
No matter how much truth breaks you, you must honour truth.
Allow yourself the opportunity to break, to be vulnerable, to be free.

Truth is facing your fears.
Fear of standing alone, fear of truly seeing who you are .
Seeing who you are; acting out and being who you think you need to be in life.

Try not to fear truth !

Truth is beautiful when you can open your heart and forget fear.
Take a chance with truth it could be the best medicine, the best air you breathe while on the earth.

Truth often means you will stand alone. You may feel that you might lose what you love, lose what you have tried to hold onto. But love is the doorway to truth which leads to happiness; and love in its truest form is never lost.

Your beauty will shine from within.
Your light will touch and pierce many souls, breaking down the walls they have surrounded themselves with.
Your light will touch and awaken their soul!
Truth will not only break you, truth will make you.

Blessings Marilyn.

Hello from the Other Side

Signs and messages are everywhere, letting us know that we are not alone and never walk alone.

The big question is – Are you awake enough to see them?

The spirit world will try and find a way to get messages to each of you in a way you can understand and a way that works for you.

I know a lot of people on the earth miss their loved ones, they miss you, they love you and are always trying to impress that they are near.

Sadly, as humans we do expect to see them just the way we see our living friends walking on the earth but this is not the case for most people.

Some of us on earth will sense our loved ones.

Some will connect to different aromas that are related to loved ones.

Maybe a grandfather smoked a pipe and some days you can smell tobacco but no one else is home. You are not smoking or imagining this. It is possible to sense a loved one around you. I have experienced this. One day as I set off to read for a client, all I could smell in my car was the aroma of cigarettes. I am not a smoker but hey, stranger things have happened in my world and I just except it. The client I read for on this day, whose wife had been a smoker and was in spirit, connected during the session and the messages fell into place. I do share this story and so much more in my book KNOWING.

Another true story is about butterflies and how they appear for me as a sign my mum is near. Just after my mum passed I offered to drive my sister home. As I got into my sister’s car I could see in my mind’s eye (Clairvoyance)  that the car was full of butterflies. To my sister’s amazement she was shocked and shared with me that my mum had been trying to catch pretend butterflies for the last two days leading up to her passing. I did not know this until my sister shared this with me. Many, many times since, butterflies appear around me. As I type, a butterfly flew past my office window catching my attention. Love you mum, thank you for the reminder that you are near and I never walk alone.

Blessings, Marilyn.

How Colour Touched My Heart

Welcome everyone.

Over many years and miles of travelling and discovering the wonders of the world, I have also connected to the beauty of colours around people’s energy fields.

This extends to those in the other world’s energy and the aura of everything.

What a beautiful day that was waking up, knowing that through my senses, intuitively, so much can be revealed by connecting to colour. As the threads of colour are sensed, revealed and unravelled so to the beauty of you and life itself.

Within the threads of colour there is a story to be told. We are able to sense colours around people and read the many layers of the auric field and understand where the colours reside in a person’s aura. With dedication, patience and practise, over time we can understand what part of the body colour resides, be it the emotional, physical, mental or spiritual body.

As a spiritual teacher, mentor and medium I have discovered that a lot of people say they see colour, which left me scratching my head with this question.

Why did I not see colour?

So I started seeking and searching as to why I was not seeing colour.

It was in this investigation that one of my mentors mentioned that a lot of people use the word they ‘see’ colour when actually they sense colour. For me this realisation had been the block, thinking I could not see colour as opposed to sensing colour. What I discovered is, a lot of us can and do sense colour.  It is from this place, the senses, that we are able to describe colour. I realised that the terminology had stopped me investigating the other senses of the soul for the purpose of tapping into colour.

This wonderful epiphany took me on a journey to create this course: Reading the Threads of Colour

As I am celebrating a birthday in the month of March I decided to celebrate the launch of this new course and offer it out to you all for the month of March at a 50% discount.

I hope that just like it happened for me, that those of you who choose to do this course are able to expand your way of sensing and describing colour. For all the intuitive one’s out there doing this work or looking to begin, I look forward to working with you.

May you continue to grow and may the beauty of colour touch your heart as it did mine.

Mindfulness – Where The Body Mind Comes Together

We all find ourselves distracted with the chatter of the mind.

More and more people are embracing mindfulness which simply put is being present. Present in the here and now, aware of our thoughts, aware of the space around us and in the moment.

I have spent many years sitting in the quiet and attended numerous silent retreats – Vipassana being one of them.

Today I still investigate thoughts and where they take us. Our thoughts definitely take us away from the present moment. We are often in our heads creating stories with our thoughts. While doing this we are using energy creating scenarios that may never happen and that in itself takes us away from what is present.

In the moment we are able to experience what is in front of our eyes and in our heart. When you are truly present and able to stop the stories that are going around in your head, you may find peace. Imagine no mind chatter. If you can stop your thoughts for a moment by shifting your attention to your breath and allow yourself some time with the breath, you will find a moment of stillness. For me, when I am aware that my mind is off with the chatter and I am not present I use the word stop, and repeat this a few times as a mantra. This helps me to come away from the chatter of my mind and be more present and more mindful. As I get to experience the present moment I often find myself smiling, touched by grace. To be present allows us to feel part of everything. We can truly learn to listen when we are present without the chatter.

Many days, on my morning walks I am taken to such a happy place when I am able to be totally in the moment, present to what is around me. It may be a single flower, or the sound of a bird that makes my heart sing in those moments of being mindful and present. I know if I was bogged down with the mind chatter I would miss the beauty of what is presented to me daily. As I walk I focus on the breath by shifting my attention from my thoughts to my breath and my every step. It is then that I feel connected to all that is around me. Being present lightens the heart, frees the mind and takes us to a place of peace.


So why the importance of being present?

Simply less stress in your daily life, more joy and happier moments.

Give yourself the opportunity to practise mindfulness, over time and with practise it will be easier; as easy as checking in and knowing you are with the thoughts. Like the seeds in the garden as we water and nurture them they grow. May your mindfulness grow.

As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote in his book True Love.

“Between the mind and the body, there is something that can serve as a bridge. The moment you begin to practice mindful breathing, your body and your mind begin to come together with one another. It takes only ten to twenty seconds to accomplish this miracle called oneness of the body and mind. With mindful breathing, you can bring the body and mind together in the present moment, anyone of us can do it, even a child.

Blessings Marilyn xo

Introduction to Mediumship: The Part You Play

Mediumship comes with a huge responsibility, as we sit with those here on earth and those in the other world. For me, and I am sure like many of you who are doing the work, it is truly an honour to serve the spirit world. Yes, we do serve the spirit world, they are not our servants. If we can take the time to remember that one day we too will be in another world, would those we had connected with in spirit be pleased to greet us? The question being did you serve them well.

Take a minute now to go within. See how it feels. Have you served the spirit world with the best intention and a pure heart? When we have this awareness, we begin to become more authentic when we bring through messages to loved ones here on earth.

It is important to know that you do play a part in regards to the work you do. When communicating with loved ones in the other world there is always a blending of souls.

Be honest with those you sit with on earth and those in the spirit world. Often just by becoming more aware of the terminology you use when you are relaying information is part of this. For example, some people say they are hearing messages when maybe they are actually seeing or sensing the message.

Communicating between the worlds can be a very sensitive reunion of souls and a mix of many different messages and emotions. It is my opinion from my years of seeking and searching that our development is very important.   Everyone has a different road to travel here on earth and it is imperative to take the time to get to know yourself. I always remember and love Rachel Hunter’s quote in the Pantene commercial “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.” Check in often with your soul and ask yourself why you have chosen this path. Dedicate your days to sitting in the quiet, give yourself time to connect within and hear the soul’s message. Learn to listen and sense when working with the other world and give what you get.

Coming up in March in Sydney, Australia, I will be presenting an exciting and uplifting workshop. This event will change the way you see yourself and the work you do as a medium. I have been given the opportunity to speak for two and a half hours on a subject I am passionate about and hold very dear to my heart, Mediumship and the role we play. Hope you will join us.

Love is the key to your heart

Love is the key to life, love is the key to your heart.

Love is the essence that carries every emotion.

Love carries the burdens that way us down and love breaks down the walls that we have placed around us.

When we have felt every emotion, we come to a place of greater awareness and know that we are the ones that place the boundaries and the walls around us.

One day love will pierce your soul and reawaken you to know that love is the key to open your heart.

Love is endless, love is beautiful, love will show you the bigger picture.

Love knows beyond what the mind knows, but the mind will not know what love knows.

One day your heart will be touched by love and expand, there will be no separation between love and thought.

You will dance through life and reside in space that is beyond comprehension.