Between the Worlds – As the Spirit Prepares to Leave the Body

Recently I was away spending some time on the land when I saw the spirit of a hen leave its body.

Many questions came up for me over the next two days after having watched the body of the hen die.

This prompted me to write a blog and answer some of the questions I am asked from clients who have had a mediumship session with me.

One common question is, do our loved ones enter the other world alone?

When communicating with loved ones in the other world through sessions, I can often see who meets those who transition from earth to the spirit realms. Because of this, I know no one enters the other world alone.

Our loved ones in the spirit world often gather around prior to our friends or family passing to the other world. Some of you may have spent time with family members when they have been sick, knowing their time on earth is coming to an end. You may have heard them talking to family members in spirt and thought it was unusual but it isn’t. Those preparing to transition to the spirit world often slip between the worlds before their passing, this can be very common.

Something else that comes to mind that I am often asked is, do they still suffer from the same aliments they had on earth?

I have had many conversations with family members in spirit and my understanding to this question is no. Those in the spirit world are free of the physical body and they are free of pain.

Getting back to being on the land and seeing the spirit of the hen leave its body. This raised numerous questions for me to contemplate. I wasn’t with the hen 24/7 after this encounter so I wasn’t sure if the spirit had re- entered the body over these two days it took for the body of the hen to die, or if the spirit was outside the body.

What I do understand is that we are connected to a silver thread and know that the spirit can slip outside the body and re-enter the body until it dies. I have also seen this when I have read for clients who have lost a loved one who has spent time in a coma, they have still been able to hear conversations from family members even if they haven’t been able to answer.

Until the body dies this silver thread is connected, as the body dies the cord disconnects from the body and the spirit lives on.

Often if there has been an accident as the cause of a passing, I am asked do our loved ones feel the impact or pain that occurred from this accident?

What I understand is the spirit can leave the body simultaneously so if you understand the spirit to be outside the body when the accident occurs, I would say no to this question.

Love never dies and our loved ones are as you know always in our hearts. I know it’s never easy losing a loved one but they are always trying to let you know they are with you.

Stay open to the miracles in life and I wish you all the experience of knowing your loved ones are only a thought away.

Love is the eternal bond that connects us to those you love.


Reconnecting to the Spirit Within

Spending time on the land will wake you up deep from within in the most beautiful way. You can experience being one with everything, stillness, silence and hear the musical notes play out in the wind.

Many memories flashed by me last night as the gusty winds and torrential rain lashed against the glass doors and windows that surround the house. It reminded me of growing up in NZ and how I had forgotten how generously the rain can fall here.

Yesterday I saw the spirit of one of the hens leave it’s body, knowing its passing would be just a matter of time. Today as I watched the body of the hen peacefully come to an end, my heart was touched deeply knowing the cycles of life are endless. The other day on the land I rescued a baby rabbit from the glass house, well it didn’t really need rescuing as it was in heaven in the lettuce salad bar created within the glass house.

As I look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back feeling totally raw and exposed, there’s a sense of peace. Feeling raw like the bark shredding from the tree, knowing the soul is unfolding and beauty resides deep within.

Many years ago I experienced a guide come close to me, she said her name was Tui. A few days ago I was blessed with the Tui bird sitting outside my bedroom window here on the land, perched in among the blossoms on the plum tree, such a treat.

Oh and I have been able to write while here on the land and book two is growing closer to completion.


The Blessings In Staying Present!

When in the mind with past memories, the human heart aches. Especially because those moments have past and can never be brought back, other than through thoughts. Yes there are lots of beautiful moments in the past but they are not here now and if you stay with those memories, the heart will ache.

Try and stay in the now and in the space between thoughts. There is a stillness and beauty here that is ever present.

Seeing thoughts arise and not being attached to thoughts helps make the emotional waves of life easier to ride.

Over time with this awareness, you can go deeper into this place between thoughts and the beauty that resides here will expand. This presence my friends will emanate much beauty.

Like the seeds, the sun feeds that then germinates and blossoms to become the flower, offering it’s beauty for all to see.


What Is Revealed In Sitting In The Stillness

Many, many realizations, will come to light.

Thoughts will arise, you will see how you create stories and you will be aware of watching scenarios play out, you will often be in the past, or the future.

Often in the stillness you will become aware of the part you have played with others. You may not like seeing what plays out, many emotions will arise, just allow everything to rise and dissipate, no attachment to thought.

In the stillness allow thoughts to come and go, everything does. Try not to attach the mind to the thoughts or stories that arise.

There is a space between thoughts of no thought, reside there. Go deeper into this space, this space is ever present. We are so used to creating stories in the mind that we move away from this inner stillness.

Sitting in the stillness will break you as everything falls away, you may experience immense beauty beyond what the eyes see and mind thinks. Your heart will explode, you will get to experience a beauty, a love that words cannot describe. You will get to see in the stillness that love is greater than any pain you have experienced and this moment this beauty will break you. It will be the most joyous break, the most beautiful break you’ve ever known.

Disconnect from thought especially the unfriendly ones, the ones you feed yourself, why? because this is not your friend, why would you want to entertain it?. Move your attention to the space of no thoughts, check in often, this place is ever present, it never goes away, it is always there. You will find joy, find beauty, you will a find peace resides there.

You will know that love is bigger than anything and through the brokenness, you will experience wholeness.



REFLECTING! (when life throws you a curve ball)

When life throws you a curve ball, it’s in the accepting of all that is where there are glimpses of peace.

As I woke today to a new day, the city was covered in a blanket of fog. Quite fitting as I have been in what feels like a fog for several days now, unable to get up but able to appreciate the experience.

Over the last few days my body went through extreme sweats, aches, shivers and pain beyond what I’ve ever known.

In this time I was able to reflect about a friend we lost recently to cancer and it got me thinking, sensing and seeing things with a deeper awareness of compassion.

I saw them in pain but I could never of known their pain.

I can see how brave they were and as I write this my eyes well up with tears. If we could have taken away your pain, if we could have truly understood your pain, we knew how hard and courageous you fought to stay but we could never truly feel your pain.

We can not understand someone else’s pain when they loose a loved one or anything really. We all deal with pain in our own way and every experience is different, we may know our own pain but never another’s.

What I also got to experience laying on my back for days was, a sense of total acceptance of what was here, above and beyond. It was nice in those pain free moments but what to do when they weren’t there, not to compare them but to embrace them, love them and know it would all pass, it seemed so surreal. In the absolute, no need to do anything, no need to worry, there was this okayness with just what was.

When life throws you a curve ball, it’s in the accepting of all that is where there are glimpses of peace.


Marilyn Whall on the Beat Goes On

So much fun at a recent interview . The Beat Goes On.. The Beat Goes On is now NZ’s longest running TV chat show. Presented and produced by entertainment identity Gerard Smith.


Some details here about the TV show

Nurturing the soul: the land will take you home.

When on the land, my soul and I are one with life and beyond.

I get to feel and know I am part of everything and that feeling is the soul knowing home.
Like life, I am okay with diversity and experiencing lots of different situations.

I can merge and move through life, the city life and all of life. At the end of the day, the experience and beauty when on the land is one of pure exquisite utopia for me.

Lots of life experiences give you pleasure but the land will take you back to your soul.

Spending time on the land can take you away from the distractions of life itself.

Connecting with the land is a place where you can be taken deep within, move from the mind and merge with the soul.

You can sense your true essence beyond the mind and be part of the moon, the stars, the ocean and far beyond. Sensing a stillness that touches and awakens every fiber of your being.

The land will take you within and going within will reveal to you what you truly are, part of everything, what you sense is a beauty beyond what the mind knows.

When you feel awoken from within, energy is boundless and sleep seems irrelevant.


Allow the soul time to unfold: In the core of your being is Presence!

Just so you know where I’ve been my friends.

I’ve been gone for a while, it was clearly time to go in a new direction! It’s been two years since I stepped back from publicly demonstrating messages from loved ones on stage.
It’s been a huge two years!

As I have deeply continued seeking and searching and allowing the soul to naturally unfold. There have been many questions as to why I do what I do that arose.

For the last 21 years I have consciously Ate, Slept and lived to understand life, the spirit world and to serve.

Two years ago, I found the earthly world again.

Senses deep within were awoken in the middle of the night, passion, a desire of sharing, loving and living. Not only in the spirit world but also living in the psychical, mental, and emotional world were stirred deep within and woke me from a deep sleep.

I had been living in a beautiful spiritual bubble, all the colours of the rainbow guided me daily for numerous years but I had forgot to live on all the levels life offers.

During the last two years, I’ve experienced emotions that have not been seen for a life time.

I’ve cried, I’ve loved, I’ve broken and I’ve questioned everything. I’ve been to some very dark places to experience the light. Every emotion has been evoked.

Don’t get me wrong I have welcomed everything.

As I know now and always knew, presence is the most profound offering we can create and give.

Stepping back has given me numerous hours to spend with the thoughts, the creative energy, working on line with students, blogs, creating courses, giving readings, travelling and yes still working on a second book.

Always questioning what I do and why.

I’ve finally come to this place in my life and am ready to step back out publicly again.

With a far greater knowing than ever before that presence is what is here and this is what I will offer.

To serve with humility, to not think this but to know it from deep within and no other reason than this, it is that I will step back out with.

My soul has been deeply touched and just like the rose bud that opens to be the rose my soul will continue to unfold.


Both Sides Now TV: Spiritual Mediums Marilyn Whall & Catherine Churchill

Super Moon Monday! Medium Kellee White tells us about the energy of the once in a lifetime Super Moon and what to expect. The girls were joined by spiritual mediums Marilyn Whall from New Zealand and Catherine Churchill from Australia. The mediums tripled linked and gave healing messages from past love ones to many callers.


Vacuuming – decluttering the mind and the home

The other day I found myself vacuuming and thinking about my weekly blog, there in itself was the blog and as the inspiration flowed I raced to my computer.

We all know the importance of keeping our space clear, well it works for me that’s for sure.

As a full time Medium, teacher, mentor, author of ‘KNOWING’ my first book, a Mum and a Grandmother, there are many daily duties for me.

Oh I forgot the cat, oh yes I have a cat and she has a full time sitter (me) most of the time as one of my offices is in my home and doesn’t she love the company.

Just like I am, I’m sure you are juggling many things daily which create a busy life.

I find if things are tidy and in their place and the space around me is clear so too is my mind. I also find it’s easier to deal with a busy life and move through so much more on a day to day basis. It helps me to cope when the house is tidy and that goes for my car also. I often find that my mind can be a lot more at peace even if I am running around with daily meetings and my car is also in order.

This vacuuming technique can also be used to clear the space around your aura and only takes a few moments.

Let me guide you for a moment.

Just imagine that life has been way too busy and you need time out. Take a moment to sit quietly, closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and gently breathing in and out.

In the next moment, imagine you have a vacuum cleaner in your hand and gently move this imaginary vacuum cleaner around your feet, slowly moving it up and around the lower legs, clearing away the energy of any aches or pains. Gently moving it up around the thighs and the side of the body, sweeping away the busyness and clearing the space around your physical body. Continue to cleanse the arms, the lower torso and imagine the vacuum cleaner clearing the space behind you, around your shoulders, your neck and head area.

Breathing in and out, releasing any tension and sensing a release and lightness from all you have been involved in and all that you have been carrying around.

As the time draws near for you to open your eyes, remember to give thanks for the time you spent here cleansing your aura and giving thanks for the new energy and lightness you sense to go about your day. One last moment of breathing in and out and sensing a freshness and a lightness as you smile and open your eyes.

You can try this technique whenever you feel a little over loaded.

Back to decluttering your space, try it and see if you find life is more manageable. It doesn’t need to be a chore, see it as helping your mind to cope and the eyes having less to focus on. The more you declutter your space, the more the space becomes clearer and so too will your thoughts and clarity and life will be less stressful.

Fill your life with beautiful things, create a space that you love and love spending time in.

On a final note for now, it is always nice to have some colour in your life, I find colour touches my soul deeply and brightens my day. Whether it’s a bright cushion or some flowers in my space, flowers create a wonderful energy, bringing a lot of joy to the heart.

Blessings and love creating a sacred space and finding a little more peace in your day.

Marilyn xo