Why are we scared of truth

Truth – It’s an interesting subject and I know that we all see things differently. Truth takes courage. Why are we so scared of truth? Do we avoid truth because it can take us to a place where we truly get to see ourselves; and in that there is a side we are not comfortable with exposing […]

Hello from the Other Side

Signs and messages are everywhere, letting us know that we are not alone and never walk alone. The big question is – Are you awake enough to see them? The spirit world will try and find a way to get messages to each of you in a way you can understand and a way that […]

How Colour Touched My Heart

Welcome everyone. Over many years and miles of travelling and discovering the wonders of the world, I have also connected to the beauty of colours around people’s energy fields. This extends to those in the other world’s energy and the aura of everything. What a beautiful day that was waking up, knowing that through my […]

Mindfulness – Where The Body Mind Comes Together

We all find ourselves distracted with the chatter of the mind. More and more people are embracing mindfulness which simply put is being present. Present in the here and now, aware of our thoughts, aware of the space around us and in the moment. I have spent many years sitting in the quiet and attended […]

Introduction to Mediumship: The Part You Play

Mediumship comes with a huge responsibility, as we sit with those here on earth and those in the other world. For me, and I am sure like many of you who are doing the work, it is truly an honour to serve the spirit world. Yes, we do serve the spirit world, they are not […]

Love is the key to your heart

Love is the key to life, love is the key to your heart. Love is the essence that carries every emotion. Love carries the burdens that way us down and love breaks down the walls that we have placed around us. When we have felt every emotion, we come to a place of greater awareness […]