Between the Worlds – As the Spirit Prepares to Leave the Body

Recently I was away spending some time on the land when I saw the spirit of a hen leave its body. Many questions came up for me over the next two days after having watched the body of the hen die. This prompted me to write a blog and answer some of the questions I am asked […]

Reconnecting to the Spirit Within

Spending time on the land will wake you up deep from within in the most beautiful way. You can experience being one with everything, stillness, silence and hear the musical notes play out in the wind. Many memories flashed by me last night as the gusty winds and torrential rain lashed against the glass doors and […]

The Blessings In Staying Present!

When in the mind with past memories, the human heart aches. Especially because those moments have past and can never be brought back, other than through thoughts. Yes there are lots of beautiful moments in the past but they are not here now and if you stay with those memories, the heart will ache. Try […]

What Is Revealed In Sitting In The Stillness

Many, many realizations, will come to light. Thoughts will arise, you will see how you create stories and you will be aware of watching scenarios play out, you will often be in the past, or the future. Often in the stillness you will become aware of the part you have played with others. You may […]

REFLECTING! (when life throws you a curve ball)

When life throws you a curve ball, it’s in the accepting of all that is where there are glimpses of peace. As I woke today to a new day, the city was covered in a blanket of fog. Quite fitting as I have been in what feels like a fog for several days now, unable […]

Marilyn Whall on the Beat Goes On

So much fun at a recent interview . The Beat Goes On.. The Beat Goes On is now NZ’s longest running TV chat show. Presented and produced by entertainment identity Gerard Smith.   Some details here about the TV show