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Vacuuming – decluttering the mind and the home

The other day I found myself vacuuming and thinking about my weekly blog, there in itself was the blog and as the inspiration flowed I raced to my computer. We all know the importance of keeping our space clear, well it works for me that’s for sure. As a full time Medium, teacher, mentor, author […]

Human Existence – do you ever ponder this?

What is life all about? Why do we come to earth? I am sure just like me you all have pondered these question at one point or time in life. Most of us know there is more to life than we could possibly ever conceive. As humans walking on the earth, we seem to think […]

The broken heart, Through the darkness to the light

What is a broken heart and why do we have to feel it? I am absolutely sure that no one is exempt from this experience. Maybe you have lost a loved one, a beloved pet, a dear friend or experienced a broken heart through a romantic connection. They say tears cleanse the soul and the […]

Why are we scared of truth

Truth – It’s an interesting subject and I know that we all see things differently. Truth takes courage. Why are we so scared of truth? Do we avoid truth because it can take us to a place where we truly get to see ourselves; and in that there is a side we are not comfortable with exposing […]

Hello from the Other Side

Signs and messages are everywhere, letting us know that we are not alone and never walk alone. The big question is – Are you awake enough to see them? The spirit world will try and find a way to get messages to each of you in a way you can understand and a way that […]