Allow the soul time to unfold: In the core of your being is Presence!

Just so you know where I’ve been my friends.

I’ve been gone for a while, it was clearly time to go in a new direction! It’s been two years since I stepped back from publicly demonstrating messages from loved ones on stage.
It’s been a huge two years!

As I have deeply continued seeking and searching and allowing the soul to naturally unfold. There have been many questions as to why I do what I do that arose.

For the last 21 years I have consciously Ate, Slept and lived to understand life, the spirit world and to serve.

Two years ago, I found the earthly world again.

Senses deep within were awoken in the middle of the night, passion, a desire of sharing, loving and living. Not only in the spirit world but also living in the psychical, mental, and emotional world were stirred deep within and woke me from a deep sleep.

I had been living in a beautiful spiritual bubble, all the colours of the rainbow guided me daily for numerous years but I had forgot to live on all the levels life offers.

During the last two years, I’ve experienced emotions that have not been seen for a life time.

I’ve cried, I’ve loved, I’ve broken and I’ve questioned everything. I’ve been to some very dark places to experience the light. Every emotion has been evoked.

Don’t get me wrong I have welcomed everything.

As I know now and always knew, presence is the most profound offering we can create and give.

Stepping back has given me numerous hours to spend with the thoughts, the creative energy, working on line with students, blogs, creating courses, giving readings, travelling and yes still working on a second book.

Always questioning what I do and why.

I’ve finally come to this place in my life and am ready to step back out publicly again.

With a far greater knowing than ever before that presence is what is here and this is what I will offer.

To serve with humility, to not think this but to know it from deep within and no other reason than this, it is that I will step back out with.

My soul has been deeply touched and just like the rose bud that opens to be the rose my soul will continue to unfold.


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