About Marilyn

Marilyn Whall is a mentor, offers spiritual teachings, medium and author from Sydney, Australia. Marilyn has worked professionally as a medium for over 15 years and has a client base that stretches from her home in Sydney Australia to New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, India and the United Kingdom. She has worked in the USA teaching along side James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, John Holland and Jose Gosschalk.

Relying on evidence from the living survivors to authenticate messages from family, friends and loved ones in the spirit world,  Marilyn’s work as a medium  allows her to convey messages from the spirit world. Marilyn has a personal interest in mindfulness and philosophy and brings the passion through to her work with individuals and groups.

She leads classes, performs public demonstration and offers private readings over Skype and telephone. Marilyn also facilitates & mentors her own development programs, titled ‘Allow Me To Be Your Personal Guide’ ‘Take your Mediumship to New Heights’ and numerous other programs for those wanting to enhance their spiritual abilities.

Renowned for her accuracy, compassion, and insight Marilyn has appeared on TV. Marilyn has been featured in Good Health & Medicine Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, Body and Soul, The Times of India. She is endorsed on James Van Praagh’s website as a spiritual medium and contact in Australia. Marilyn has been a featured guest speaker in the James Van Praagh chat room and also appeared as a guest medium on inSpirit TV. Marilyn has demonstrated in America at The Journey Within Church and been a guest speaker there. Marilyn has also been interviewed by Spirits Voice an on-line Community.

To those who want to develop similar skills or gain a more comprehensive understanding of the spirit world Marilyn offers mentoring programs and ongoing classes and workshops. For more information please go to the Shop Page

Marilyn has written her first book “Knowing” A Medium’s Journey. One Woman’s unfoldment of who she was and her walk into the Spirit world.

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